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Private Rooms

*Photos of decorated rooms are for display purposes only. Customers are welcome to decorate the room themselves prior to arrival if the room is not in use before their booking

We have a range of private rooms available; our rooms range in size from being perfect for that special cosy family meal, all the way up to being suitable for wedding receptions or corporate events. Our largest private dining room has a maximum capacity of 60-62 guests.

Session times:

Afternoon: 12pm to 4.30pm
Evening (except Sunday): 7pm to 11pm
Evening (Sundays only): 6pm to 10pm

- All guests dining in the private room must order from the Private Room Set Menus Options (from £45 per person).

-There is no room charge for the private dining rooms but a minimum spend requirement.  

- Customers can decorate rooms prior to arrival if the room is not in use before their booking. Please note, our waiting team will not be able to help with the decorating.

-The minimum requirement of guests on weekdays and Sunday is 10 guests.

For Saturday bookings, the minimum requirement is 12 guests.


-In order to secure your reservation, a deposit will be required to reserve the room.

- Our private rooms do have free karaoke facilities, however we do not have a song list and cannot guarantee your favourite songs will be available.

-There is a discretionary service charge of 15% for use of our private rooms.

For room booking enquiries or celebratory dining events please call or email us.

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